“Some guitar players caress the strings. Robinson attacks them with force and passion.
                                                        A vortex of musical maelstrom  with tapping, slides and pulsating strumming”
                                                                                                                      Kirk Albrecht, Minor 7th                                                              
                                                    A gem, amazingly gorgeous…so much emotion and width that I surrender!”
                                                                                                  Thirsty Boots, Sweden
                                            “His technique is impeccable, but he never let’s it do it’s thinking for him”
                                                                                 Alex Rawls, Offbeat Magazine
                                          “His playing is rich, lyrical and fluent…gorgeous”
                                                               Keith Spera, New Orleans Times Picayune  
                       “His songwriting and virtuoso technigue are something unique and special”
                                                    TMM Magazine, Serbia
               “Virtuoso is his middle name”  
                                        R2 Rock & Reel, U.K.
                       Roots Highway, Italy  
        “I cannot say enough about this album. Its fresh unique sound and virtuoso guitar from Robinson stand out like    
     jewels amongst glass. If you love incredible guitar work and well crafted songs, you’ll be spreading the word too.
 This is my album of the year.....
       Don Sechelski, Muse’s Muse
Photo credits, Cy Leong, Antwerp, Belgium
Jimmy Robinson
  “Talent, emotion and plain old musicianship…
Robinson is nothing short of brilliant”  
 Georgianne Nienaber, The Huffington Post                      
 “Robinson is simply a beast, a phenom, a melder and molder of overlapping styles underlying and modifying each other...”
                       Fred Kraus, Minor 7th
 “A virtuoso of the 6 and 12 string acoustic
guitar…combines excellent technique
and workmanship with the best traditions of American songwriting….”
           Blogfoolk,  Caserta, Italy
 “A virtuoso guitarist, he demonstrates a
 sublime mastery of his instrument”
    Rootstime, Belgium
Cy Leong